Guardians' training: Ways to grow your business
On Tuesday, 26th January, 2021 CCP held a guardians' training for guardians in business. The training was held at Maranatha Faith Assemblies, Kawangware. The training was attended by 10 guardians. The training started at 8:30am with a brief worship led by Faith Wayua. She then invited the speaker of the day, Pallomeh Leila. The topic of the day was 'Ways to grow our businesses'. Pallomeh started by explaining that understanding your business is important in knowing how to improve it. She asked the guardians what business each of them had ventured in and how they think they can grow them. She highlighted ten ways to grow a business. First, is knowing your customers/clients. Know and understand your clients and their preferences so that you can serve them better. You also need to offer great customer service. As a business person you need to be patient and kind to your clients. Your language and tone when talking to them matters a lot. Be patient enough to listen to them and address them with kindness no matter how rude they are. Thirdly, hold on to loyal customers. Know how to retain 'old' customers. Reach out to them when you have something new, treat them well and appreciate them for being loyal even as you seek new ones. Marketing is also important in growing a business. You can use different marketing strategies depending on your preference as well as the most suitable one. You can use word of mouth; tell people what you do, where you are located and how they can reach you. Social media is becoming quite a common marketing strategy. You can use your social media space for example facebook, Instagram or whatsapp to market your business. Another way to market your business is offering discounts and deals for your customers. You can offer seasonal deals and discount on your products and services. This however must be exercised with great caution in order to losses to your business. Offering free products/ services also works magic. You can give away products occasionally to your customers this makes them happy. You need to be careful not to give bad or spoilt products this can be disheartening to the customer. You also need to be careful not to give out to much; this may bring losses to your business. Use a sign or a poster to notify people that you do that business. The poster/ sign can be very important when a new customer is being referred to you. As a business person you need to network with other people in business. This can be done by attending networking events such as business trainings and forums. This will help you gain knowledge from others on how to better your business. You also need to add value to your products. Know how to spice up your products. Display and set-up your products well. Present yourself well, your customers will be impressed by a presentable person. Diversify your business. Add another business to compliment the one you have. This may come in handy when the business is not doing well. Most importantly, remember to save. Saving money you get from the business is important as it will sustain the business on rainy days. Last but not least, keep your records. Record everything you do in the business. Do stock taking of everything by the end of each day. CCP's Medical coordinator thanked the guardians for attending the training and asked anyone who needed a loan to request early enough so that the money can be requisitioned early. Sarah prayed and the meeting was adjourned at 9: 40am
Preparation for worship
CCP staff welcoming the guardians
The speaker of the day addressing the guardians
Guardians waiting to answer a question
A guardian answering a question
Guardians listening to the speaker
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