Ombi prayer adventure
On 9th January 2021 CCP staff attended a training on Prayers at ACK ST Luke Gatina church. The training was to help them as they commence 10 weeks prayer journey. Stella Mwangi, Managing director guided the staff on the Ombi Prayer Adventure book written by Simon Mbevi that they would use during the prayer journey. She told the staff to write down what they would like to achieve by the end of this journey. She said that she had done the same book, older version and she can testify that the book has a lot to offer. She stated the following goals one should have during the prayer journey; learn more about prayer, commit to a life style of prayer, draw close to God, work with God to change one’s family, work place and country, and cultivate their salvation. During the 10 weeks, staff will be in small groups, each individual to have a prayer partner, meet once a week for 1 ½to 2 hours, every staff to commit wholly to every activity. Week 4 will be a week for prayer and fasting, a day for camp prayer night and prayer retreat will be set. Staff were encouraged to set personal, quiet time and have a prayer journal.
Stella Mwangi teaching
listening attentively
Going through the book
Jacqueline Ngigi addressing the staff
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