Guardians training
On 9th January 2021, sixty-one guardians of playgroup-grade 4 pupils attended the first guardians training for the year at Maranatha Faith Assemblies, Kawangware with all Covid -19 protocols in place. The meeting started with praise and worship. Thereafter, Pastor Billy Lusava, CCP’s Children and Youth Coordinator encouraged the guardians with the word of God from Isaiah 3:18-19. The key points were; renewal of faith, walking with God, forgetting the past and focusing on the future. He also added that just like an athlete, Christians are in a race and the strides are on the way therefore we need strength and faith to continue with the race to win. Subsequently, Hilda Mwavishi, CCP Academy’s Head teacher trained on active involvement in a child. She informed the guardians being the first teacher to their children and therefore they should get involved in their child’s academic. They should have a good communication and relationship with the teachers at school and also bond with their children. This will bring trust, openness and understanding. In addition, Mable Umali, CCP’s Medical Coordinator, advised parents to talk to their children about the word of God quoting Deuteronomy 6:4-9. She encouraged them to be good role models. “The way a child is brought up matters a lot and it reflects in adulthood. Children should be encouraged, motivated and shown the right way”, Mable recommended. Afterwards, Jacqueline Ngige, CCP’s Finance director stated that children have memories of their early upbringing therefore one should create good ones by been presence in their life. They ought to use the slightest opportunity to engage in a conversation. In conclusion, Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing director stated that children are a gift from God therefore guardians should take good care of them. They ought not to neglect them even as they become adults. Parents should have a vision, a big picture of their children’s future. She reminded them of CCP policies which need to be followed for accountability purposes and proper running of the organization.
At registration
Observing Covid rules- "wash your hands"
Guardians paying attention
Hilda Mwavishi addressing the guardians.
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