Pre school to grade 4 guardians training
On 15th February 2020, Sixty two pre-school to grade four guardians attended a guardians meeting at Maranatha Faith Assemblies Kabiro. The training was organized by the sponsorship department to help guardians understand CCP programs better. A refreshment was served as the guardians arrived. Geoffrey Nyachio, social worker gave a welcome note and invited Faith Wayua and Pallomeh Angaya, social workers to lead in praise and worship. Jacqueline Nyakio, CCP Finance director, started off the training by taking the guardians through understanding CCP Programs better. "CCP was started in 2003 by three missionaries sent to Kenya by Christ Church of Valley currently ONE&ALL Church and this is what initiated to Chosen Children of Promise, CCP with a Vision that aspires children living in impoverished communities reach their full potential and a mission that is committed to empower the impoverished holistically enabling them to live quality way of life that demonstrate Biblical truth and glorifies God's" . She talked about CCP Structure & Accountability and stated that the entire CCP is accountable to God and therefore everyone in CCP works in the fear of the Lord and encouraged the guardians even as they take care of their children they should to do it with the fear of the Lord. The areas of full potential that CCP works towards to Children and their guardians are ;reach their full potential through the financial support of sponsorship program and trainings, come to know God personally and serve Him, to develop their talents and gifts, improvement on health status and physiological wellbeing and the children to become responsible legally registered citizens. Mable Umali, CCP medical coordinator took the guardians through the medical department that is in charge of medical camps, drugs and first aid, counselling and fadhili meetings. All these is to ensure that children and guardians health status and psychological wellbeing is improved. Hilda Mwavishi, CCP Academy head teacher started by thanking God for His good deeds towards the school since 2004 .There has been a lot of improvement in performance and learners has been admitted to national school and best high schools in Kenya after siting for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. She invited the guardian on advertising the school in their home areas to grow the school population that is currently one hundred and sixty two. Benard Okoth, CCP Education coordinator, who is always in charge of primary, high school, college and university education, ensures that learners are admitted in the best and secure schools. He is also in charge of high school visit, and follow up on performances and mentorship programme that starts for grade 3 learners. Out of the current three hundred and two sponsored children, twelve of them are waiting to join college school, seventeen of them are in universities and colleges and seventy four are in high school across the county. Pallomeh Angaya, Sponsorship department representative, was her turn to talk about the department and what they do. They are in charge of recruiting new children into the program, at least two home visits and prayers to every sponsored home per month, updating the sponsors about these families through case updates and pictures, having guardians training, empowerment groups and through these the economic status of the guardians will improve. Currently they are inviting guardians who are interested in housekeeping and pottery training to register. Seventeen of them by end day they signed up for housekeeping training. Billy Lusaka, children and Youth Coordinator had his chance to talk to the guardians about the Spiritual department. He talked about taking care of the spiritual needs of the guardians, children and youth through follow-ups and discipleship. During holidays his department holds end term events, Vocation Bible school VBS. He encouraged the guardians to fully participate and invite their neighbours to these programs. Stella Mmbone, Communication department representative explained that they connect the sponsored children and families to their sponsors through the letters children write, through pictures and the cases updates done by the social workers once they visit their homes. Jacqueline, Finance director had another chance to explain to the guardian on how children financial accounts are budgeted and maintained. Stella Mwangi, CCP Managing Director thanked those in attendance and encouraged the guardians to be good time keepers ,avail themselves to the meetings and to fully support and participate in bring up their children. The meeting ended up with a word of prayer by Irene Nambafu, a social worker.
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