Grade eight parents meeting
On 5th February, 2020 CCP academy held its first eighth grade parents' meeting at ACK St. Luke's Gatina. The meeting was attended by thirty three parents and was aimed at guiding the pupils in high school selection as well as meeting the parents for goal setting for this year. CCP's Youth and children coordinator, Pastor Billy Mwashi shared word of encouragement from Hebrews12:1-2 and encouraged the guardians to trust in the Lord as they set their goals. CCP academy's head teacher, Hilda Mwavishi requested the guardians to be part of the school by adhering to the rules set by the school; for instance, No child should carry snacks or money to school, reporting to school latest by 6:30 am and ensure the children are in school uniform. CCP academy's deputy head teacher, Davis Kidake reminded the guardians whose children had lost school text books to replace them as they would not be issued with new textbooks until they replaced the old ones. He also pointed out a case where a student had lost a text book and had stolen another student's but was caught. He asked the guardians to warn their children as such behavior would result in the guardians paying double of what the pupil had stolen. CCP's Managing Director, Stella Mwangi reminded the guardians of their role in the lives of their children. She emphasized on involvement of the guardian in the life of the child especially academics. Stella encouraged the guardians to keep track of their children's performance and be interested to meet their subject teachers to discuss their performance. CCP's Director of Finance encouraged the pupils to build and maintain positive relationships with each other and work for the success of one another. She encouraged guardians to speak blessings upon their children and not curses. "Your child is a product of what you speak upon their life," she said. CCP academy's Head teacher then divided the pupils into six accountability groups and assigned teachers and CCP staff to lead the accountability groups. She insisted that the accountability groups were to help the pupils better their performance as well as encourage each other. She then asked guardians to be in the accountability groups their children were assigned to. In those groups, guardians, teachers and CCP staff were to advise pupils on what high school would be suitable for them in terms of their performance. Towards the end of the meeting the guardians elected this year's class representatives. Mama Fredrick, who was last year's representative, was re-elected and Baba Charles was elected as a new representative. In her acceptance speech, Mama Fredrick hoped that the parents will work together for the success of the pupils. Baba Charles was grateful for the responsibility and promised to be a good representative. The meeting was concluded by prayer by CCP academy's Teacher Beatrice and guardians were allowed to consult with teachers before going home.
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