2020 Form ones Meeting
On 9th January, 2020 CCP held a meeting at ACK St Luke's Gatina for this year's Form Ones and their Guardians. The meeting was aimed at giving the New High school students and their Guardians a head-start as they transition into high school this year. The meeting was themed 'Setting the Pace' and was attended by 24 Guardians accompanied by their children. CCP's Education Coordinator, Benard Okoth Presided over the meeting. He advised the students to put more effort as they proceed to the next level of education. He also prepared the students for the subjects they will meet in High school. He emphasized that the subjects were just an expansion of the subjects they did in Primary school. He also helped them understand how ranking and grading of results in high school is done. He took the students and their guardians through CCP's high school Memorandum of Understanding(MOU); specifically the part that involves the student's academic performance, the expected performance that qualifies a student for CCP's high school scholarship. By converting their KCPE marks into grades, the learners were able to know what grade to work towards to as they transition into high school. He then gave Christine Linda, a community child who had been attending CCP programs to give word of counsel to the students. She gave the students tips to a successful academic life through High school; Consult with teachers and students who understood the topic well, constructive group discussions and personal studies. CCP's Director of Finance Jaquelene Ngige encouraged the Students to go into high school ready to do their best. She also asked the students to report to the office immediately upon closing school to submit receipts, report forms and write letters of their progress to their sponsors. She gave the guardians the good news; CCP would fully pay for the students' fees requirements as they join high school. CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi encouraged the students to put behind anything about their previous grades. She told the students that they start High school on a clean slate that this is a new start for everyone and a new chance to get better grades. She promised anyone who would get good grades would be under CCP's scholarship and this would mean that the funds sent by the sponsors would be saved for their college studies. She gave an example of Caroline Syovata, one of CCP's sponsored a child who has been getting high scores all through and her account is still intact and is set for her college studies next year. Towards the end of the meeting the guardians were reminded by the sponsorship team of the monthly home visits, and to ensure that the students are home during breaks as dictated by the MOU between them and CCP. The meeting ended at 5pm with a vote of thanks and prayer from Geoffrey, a social worker.
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