Guardians training-Overcoming challenges through Christ
On 3rd January, 2020 CCP held its first guardians' training for this year at Maranatha Faith Assemblies, Kabiro. The training was themed Overcoming Challenges through Christ and was attended by 148 Parents. The training started at 8am with the guardians having tea as they talked about how their holidays were. After tea everyone settled in for the training which started with a session of praise and worship followed by prayer. CCP's spiritual Coordinator then prayed for the speaker of the day, Pastor Millicent Iminza who then encouraged the guardians to put their trust in the Lord for all their plans to succeed. She based her sermon on Isaiah 42. She gave 6 key points on how to overcome challenges; To overcome temptation you have to be wise. Know where your help comes from, and who is able to help you overcome; Jesus Christ. Choose your company wisely. Be careful of the people you associate with since their influence on you matters a lot. They may influence how you relate with God either negatively or positively. Be prayerful. Prayer is the only way to get the strength to fight on and to overcome the challenges. Choose your words carefully. Your words have the power to bless or curse your life and that of those around you. It is most likely that the life we live has something to do with what we spoke years back. Be connected with the right people. People who have the right mindset of life. Be connected with God. He is the ultimate source of everything we need. She concluded her sermon by reminding the guardians that everyone is a blessing and not a curse. CCP's Director of Finance Jacquelene Ngige was grateful for the New Year and was hopeful that it will be a successful year. She encouraged the guardians to help in the construction of the school in any way they can. CCP's Managing Director, Stella Mwangi reflected on the good grades we got from the 2019 National exams; KCPE and KCSE and was Grateful that God saw the organization, guardians, staff and children through the previous year. She also encouraged the guardians to be actively involved in the lives of their children, especially the academic life. The Management team then appreciated KCSE class of 2019 for a job well done. They applauded the candidates for their stellar performance and urged them to advance forward with courage and hard work. The training ended at 11:45 am with a vote of thanks and prayer from one of the CCP staff
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