CCP Event Calendar
Year: Quarter:
DayMinistryEventTopicSpeaker VenueTime
Oct-3 Education College and Vocational Students Meeting Practice Benard Okoth CCP Office 14:00-17:00 1522
Oct-7 Medical Super Junior Preteens Meeting Group Discussion- Denial Mable Umali 08:00-13:00 1524
Oct-7 Sponsorship Monthly Food Bag Food Distribution sponsorship derp Community Center 08:00-09:00 1523
Oct-11 Sponsorship Grandparents Meeting Discussion on 2018 Activities Mable Umali Grace Akinyi's House 14:00-16:30 1525
Oct-19 Medical Fadhili Support group meeting Discussion on 2018 activities 14:00-15:00 1526
Oct-19 Education CCP Academy Prayer Day Prayer(CCP Academy candidates prayer). Hilda Mwavishi/ Fredrick Mmbwanga Community Center 08:00-16:00 1553
Oct-24 Spiritual Staff Prayer Day One people,One Nation,One Spirit, One God Pastor Fred Community Center 08:00-17:00 1560
Oct-28 Education ROPES 8 Parent's Meeting Benard E Okoth Community Center 07:30-09:00 1528
Oct-28 Medical Super Junior Guardians Training Developmental Stages Florence Smart Cathedral 14:30-16:30 1529
Nov-3 Sponsorship Monthly Food Bag Food Distribution Sponsorship Derp Community Center 08:00-09:00 1530
Nov-4 Sponsorship Guardian's Training End of year Evaluation Maranatha 08:30-12:00 1531
Nov-6 Education FTB- Boys Mentoring Boys 2 Men-1 week For the Boys Community Center 9:00-12:00 1532
Nov-8 Education Club Success Meeting (High Scholars) Reflection and Revitalization CCP Executive Team Community Center 08:00-12:00 1541
Nov-9 Sponsorship Grandparents Meeting Mable Umali Grace Akinyi House 14:00-15:30 1534
Nov-13 Education ROPES ROPES Classes 1 Week Benard E Okoth Community Center 08:00-11:00 1537
Nov-16 Medical Fadhili Support Group Prayer and Intercession Mable Umali Marathana 14:00-15:00 1539
Nov-18 Spiritual Soccer Tournament semi-finals. Fredrick Mmbwanga and Benard Okoth Solid rock 08:00-16:00 1517
Nov-20 Education ROPES- The Experience ROPES Camp-five Days Benard E Okoth Mt longonot 09:00-12:00 1542
Nov-25 Education FTB Soccer Tournament Boys 2 Men Benard E. Okoth Gatina Primary 08:00-17:00 1507
Nov-26 Education FTB Visit(Nov 26th-Dec 3rd) 1558
Nov-28 Education FTB-Camping(Back on December 01,2017) Boys 2 Men For the Boys Elsamere 08:00-21:00 1543
Nov-29 Education College Visit( High scholars) Academic Performance verses Career Choices Benard E Okoth Kenyatta university 09:00-13:00 1544
Nov-30 Education CCP Academy Teachers Training Thanksgiving Benard E Okoth Community Center 08:00-17:00 1545
Dec-1 Medical World's Aid's Day CACC 08:00-13:00 1546
Dec-2 Sponsorship Christmas Party Celebration HGM/Riruta D/C 08:00-13:00 1547
Dec-9 Medical First Aid Training First Skills for CCP Academy Teachers AAR Maisha Poa 08:00-15:00 1552
Dec-15 Office Staff Christmas Party Thanksgiving Office Department 1561
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