CCP Event Calendar
Year: Quarter:
DayMinistryEventTopicSpeaker VenueTime
Apr-3 Sponsorship Monthly Food bag Food distribution Mable Umali ACK Gatina 08:00-9:00 2138
Apr-10 Educational High altitude Meeting(form1-3) Reflection and revitalization CCP Executive team ACK Gatina 08:00-11:30 2139
Apr-12 Educational CCP Academy Teachers' workshop Competency Based Curriculum(CBC) H ildah Mwavishi CCP Academy 08:00-17:00 2142
Apr-12 Spiritual April VBS Starts (6 days, 12-17) Billy Mwashi CC & Ngando 08:00-16:00 2140
Apr-21 Medical Training Bleeding /Nose Bleeding Mable Umali College 08:00-10:30 2141
Apr-24 Educational FTB Camp preparations & home visits Team building For the boys ACK Gatina 14:00-17:00 2145
Apr-25 Educational FTB Mentors Quarterly Meeting Personality & Mentoring For the boys Biblica guest house 14:30-17:00 2146
Apr-26 Educational Boys Camp(April 26-30) Unshackled For the boys Elsamere conservation center 08:30-21:00 2147
Apr-28 Sponsorship Guardians' Training (group 1) Savings Pallomeh CCP Academy 14:30-16:00 2148
Apr-30 Educational FTB Mentors Dinner Affirmation For the boys Mash Park Hotel 17:30-20:00 2150
May-3 Spiritual ROPEs Classes (May3-15) ROPEs classes Faith Wayua CCP Academy 10:00-13:00 2152
May-5 Medical Super Juniors outing Fun Day Mable Umali Fun City Utawala 07:30-8:40 2153
May-5 Educational Ex-cans Computer Training Launch Proficiency in MS Office Benard E Okoth CCP Academy 14:30-16:30 2154
May-8 Spiritual Opening of GNC/Youth service Billy& Atisa All Centers 14:30-16:00 2156
May-8 Sponsorship Guardians' Training Drug & Substance abuse Word of life Maranatha 08:00-09:00 2155
May-11 Medical Training Fever/convulsions Mable Umali CCP Academy 07:45-8:40 2157
May-15 Sponsorship Monthly food bag Food distribution Sponsorship Department ACK Gatina 08:00-09:00 2160
May-19 Spiritual ROPEs 2020 review & 2021 Plans Counsellors meeting Faith Wayua CCP Boardroom 09:00-10:00 2161
May-20 Medical Fadhili Support group meeting HIV Re-infection & behavioral change / Samosa Mable Umali Maranatha 14:30-16:00 2162
May-22 Medical Training Refresher training on basic First Aid for staff Mable Umali ACK Gatina 08:00-10:30 2164
May-26 Sponsorship Guardians' training (group1) Growing your business Pallomeh CCP Academy 14:30-16:00 2165
May-29 Educational FTB Monthly mentors' meeting Progress Evaluation Evans Simiyu Biblica Guest House 14:00-17:00 2168
Jun-3 Educational CCP Academy Mid term break Progress Evaluation Hildah Mwavishi CCP Academy 14:00-17:00 2169
Jun-4 Sponsorship Monthly food bag Food distribution Sponsorship Department ACK Gatina 08:00-9:00 2170
Jun-5 Spiritual Staff prayer day Billy Mwashi 08:00-17:00 2171
Jun-8 Medical Training Fire Mable umali CCP Academy 07:45-08:40 2172
Jun-9 Educational Pre-high scholars meeting Setting the Pace CCP Executive team Maranatha Faith Assemblies 14:00-16:30 2144
Jun-12 Spiritual ROPEs 2021-2022 Launch and introduction breakfast Parents meeting Faith Wayua ACK Gatina 07:30-09:00 2174
Jun-16 Educational Pre- College Ex-cans meeting Plan & take over CCP Executive team Maranatha Faith Assemblies 14:00-16:30 2151
Jun-17 Medical Fadhili support group meeting Drug Adherence Lea toto Maranatha 14:30-16:00 2176
Jun-19 Educational FTB Man enough paintball unleashing the man within Pastor Simon Mbevi GP Karting Langata 09:30-16:00 2178
Jun-20 Educational CCP Academy Teachers' workshop virtual teaching concept Hildah Mwavishi CCP Academy 08:00-13:00 2179
Jun-22 Sponsorship Guardians' training (group2) Business management Pallomeh ACK Gatina 14:30-16:00 2180
Jun-23 Educational College students Meeting Reflection & revitalization CCP Executive team CCP Academy 08:00-13:00 2175
Jun-26 Educational FTB Monthly Mentors' meeting Progress Evaluation Evans Simiyu CCP Academy 09:00-10:30 2183
Jun-26 Spiritual ROPEs 2020 class parents meeting ROPEs training 5 Faith Wayua ACK Gatina 07:00-08:300 2182
Jun-26 Educational FTB & Girls Mentoring meeting Mensuration (Girls) & ALL GIRLS & MEN MENTORS ACK CCP ACADEMY 09:00-11:00 & 4:00-16:00 2253
Jun-30 Educational CCP Academy Parents meeting(grade1&2) Progressive evaluation Hildah Mwavishi CCP Academy 09:00-12:00 2184
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