On 14th November 2019, CCP high scholars accompanied with their parents/guardian attended the end of the year meeting at ACK Gatina Church with the theme "Affirmation". The day started with one on one session between parent, student and CCP staff to discuss on academic performances and how to better their performance. Afterwards, students led praises and worship. Kefah Kariuki, CCP's sponsored college going student, encouraged the group on the way, the truth and the life. He said that no one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ according to the scripture in John 14:6. Welcome note was done with Carolyne Syovota and Mecna Jones, high schoolers a way to empower them have confidence and courage as they were the 'masters of ceremony' for that day. Affirmation and testimony session was next where two guardians, three students and two mentors shared their views about CCP. This session was very informative as each one of them had something to say about how CCP has been of great help and gave encouragements words and hope. In conclusion, CCP staff representative had a chance to thank the parents and students for the support and cooperation throughout the year. In addition, the best performance and improved students as well as in leadership were given a token of appreciation in recognition of a job well done in their academics throughout the year. There was time to appreciate and recognize the outstanding students throughout the year academically and in leadership.
Brillian Mmbone sharing her high school experience
Students doing a presentation
Happy moments
One on one session
Guardian giving her views
Guardian sharing his experience in CCP
Affirmation and testimony panelist
Caro Syvota giving advise to her peers
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