CCV November team Kwaheri Lunch
On 11th November,2019 CCP held a 'see you soon' lunch for the CCV team a day after the culmination of the November VBS. CCP Staff appreciated the team for their sacrifice, love and time spent for the 9 day mission to Kenya. It was a time to recall all the fun, home visits, team building activities, VBS ministration, Prayer walk and end VBS celebration. Jacqueline Ngige CCP's Director of Finance appreciated the team for being selfless and willing to help the children and the youth. She thanked them for touching the lives of the children and bringing a transformation also appreciated the team and prayed for God's blessings and protection as they go back home. On the other hand the CCV team also treasured the time spent in Kenya. Most of them being their first time to visit Kenya enjoyed and loved it! They hoped to come again soon. As we bid farewell to the team we believe to see them soon and pray that God will give them safe travels back home.
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CCP staff giving his speech
Walk of fame
Some souvenirs to take home
Getting to stage like...
Prayers for safe travel
Last hugs
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