Youth VBS ends
November 2019 Youth VBS came to a close on 9th November with a culmination of the week's lessons. The day started with a brief by the youth and sermon by CCV's Calvin Roso who shared his testimony with the youth. He encouraged the youth to practice everything they had been taught throughout the week. After the devotion, the youth retreated into their teams: shakers, arrows and SMS to do some final touches on the pieces they were to present later in the day. After the allowed time for practice was over, the teams sat and the celebrations began. A group called "Maisha Yangu" acted out a skit that was aimed at emphasizing the importance of environment in the upbringing of a child. The teams presented songs, expression dances, skit and spoken word. The judges were impressed by the presentations and applauded them for the efforts they put in practicing the pieces. They specifically appreciated shakers for their creativity in composing their own song. They also commended the dances showcased as competitive standard. They encouraged high school students to participate in co-curricular activities in school as a way to nurture talents. The judges also applauded CCP for putting together an event for the youth to showcase their talents. They identified outstanding acts in skits, songs, dance and spoken word. As they were about to announce the results, the area Member of Parliament paid an impromptu visit and was impressed by what was going on .He applauded CCP for putting together a VBS to reach out young people. He also encouraged CCP to continue offering such programs to the youth. The judges the announced the results; Shakers scored 80%, SMS 70 % and arrow 60%. In the overall results, SMS garnered 3870 points and bagged first position followed by shakers with 3863 and finally arrows with 3311 points. CCP's Director of Finance Jacqulene Ngige was happy that the day was successful. She thanked the youth for faithfully attending the VBS and for practicing for that day. She also appreciated the youths who were identified as the best actor/actresses, dancers, soloists. This VBS saw a total of 18 youths give their lives to Christ. We are grateful for the lives that were impacted as we pray for resources to disciple these new converts.
A hype session before we start
CCV and CCP team up to lead praise session
Getting ready to spit some bars
"Maisha yangu" entertained with a skit.
Face off!
Sing along to this...
And they danced too!!
Good job everyone!
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