CCP/CCV Team building
On 3rd November 2019 CCP and CCV went to Lukenya Getaway, Athi River, Machakos County for a staff team building exercise in preparation for VBS that would start the next day. The team left CCP office for Athi River at 6:40 am and got to Lukenya at 8am. Upon arrival the team held a brief church service in which they got a chance to praise, worship and listen to a sermon by CCP's Spiritual coordinator, Billy Mwashi on Bonding. They then had breakfast before starting the day's activities at 10am. The team was led to the field where two Gentlemen from Lukenya facilitated the day's bonding exercises. The team grouped themselves into pairs and competed against each other then proceeded into a seven-minute Zumba session. They then played 'Pretend' that required them to imaginarily pack for a journey, travel, take photos during the journey, get attacked by a lion, their bus get stuck, arrive at a destination and eat some cake. They were then asked to go into two teams so as to competitively play a few games. The teams were named Sahara and Polepole (Swahili for slowly). In the first group activity they competed to recite tongue-twisters. They then did a tape race which the teams were enclosed in tape and were required to go from one end to the other while collecting some items. In this game, Sahara came first. In the next activity, the teams were required to pass water from a bucket using tumblers and fill another bucket. After lunch the team was then challenged to get to know each other by answering questions about each other. They then played a game that helped demonstrate how miscommunication can cause wrong action. For the final activity, the teams played shoe scramble, a game that required them to race for their shoes and wear them correctly. After all the activities were done, the teams were awarded; polepole was first place and Sahara second place. As they were being awarded, they were reminded to leave the place as one team not as Sahara or polepole but as CCP VBS team. CCP's Managing Director thanked everyone who attended the staff team building exercise and urged the team to be psyched up for the VBS. The team left for Nairobi at 4pm happy and ready for the next day.
The team
Waiting for the joke to get to you like...
Push "the car"
What do you think partner?
A taped journey
The facilitators demonstrating an activity.
Ever heard of I got your back?
Time to shake a leg
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