Limitless Potential
On October 25, 2019 CCP held special prayers for 22, 8th Grade candidates of CCP Academy with the theme "Limitless Potential". The aim of the prayer day was to encourage the candidates who are preparing for their national examination, Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E). KCPE will qualify them for high school in 2020. The exam will take place from October 28 - 31. In attendance was Stella Mwangi - CCP's Managing Director, Pastor Francis Lukale - Maranatha Faith Assembles, CCP staff, parents of Grades 7 & 8 students, Grade 7 students and the candidates. At the opening the people were led in worship by some of the CCP staff. The prayer sessions begun with a charge by Pastor Billy Lusava, CCP's Children & Youth Coordinator from 2 Corinthians 3:5 encouraged the candidates that they have the ability and potential to do great and mighty things. Pastor Francis encouraged the candidates from the scripture in the book of Acts 20:31-32. The pastor drew three lessons from this passage as follows: First, is to take responsibility of potential future, dream, health, education and guard it jealously. Second, God is the only one who is always available. Third, is that the Grace of God will take them to greater heights. Pastor Francis said, "The war is won in the mind, not in the battle field. Therefore, have in mind that you have already passed the exams". Afterwards, Pastor Francis prayed for each candidate and also invited their parents and guardians to pray for them. Teacher Davis led a session where the outgoing Grade 8 students passed the baton to the Grade 7 students symbolized by lit candles. He charged the Grade 7 students to keep the fire burning towards the end. Stella Mwangi, CCP's Managing Director encouraged the candidates not to be afraid because all have great potential. The prayer time concluded with a cup of tea and snacks and group photos! Success cards were given to each child from their teachers, from guardians, and from CCP staff. Please keep all Grade 8 and 12 (Form 4) candidates in your prayers!
Candidates listening attentively
A word of encouragement from Pastor Francis
Parents committing their children unto the Lord
Praying for the Candidates
Issuing of success cards
Stella, CCP's Managing Director having a light moment with the Candidates
Keeping the fire burning
Handing over the baton
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