Everyone has influence
Eleven CCP staff attended a 2-day annual 2019 Global Leadership Summit (GLS) with the theme "Everyone has Influence" held on October 17 - 18, 2019 at Christ Is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) Valley Road, Nairobi. The Summit changed its name to Global Leadership Network (GLN) conference focused on; Change Management, Character and Values, Negotiation, Risk-taking and supervising people to transform the community. GLN reflects the expanded focus on innovations that inspire vision and encourage transformation in all Christs' followers. The summit is part of a year-round leadership development journey designed to maximize influence and unleash transformation to all fields and has the power to change lives. The effectiveness in leadership is a process - one that takes a commitment to pursuing growth and strengthening skills that can maximize contribution and impact. GLN started the event over 20 years ago with the aim to bring together and empower leaders. The event is now held in more than 135 countries and has taken place in Kenya for 13 years. This year the summit covered different topics: Cost benefit analysis, Get Enough to Move On (GETMO), Bend the curve, Think inside the box, Burn the ships and One step ahead, The power of emotions among others, by a range of influential leaders like Craig Groschel, Raja Singh, Liz Bohannon among others. "Even if difference is difficult know that your difference is your destiny. Stop stealing someone else recipe because every leadership has its own recipe so cultivate the recipe you have", Devon Franklin advised. Jason Dorsey taught on Trends that shape generations, separating myths from truth about generations, leading across generations and that every generation can lead. There were also live interviews with some of Kenya's influential leaders like Daniel Kamau, CEO Fusion Capital, Daniel Ndambuki aka 'Churchill' - a pioneer in the art of comedy. Sylvia Mulinge, Safaricom's Chief Customer Care Director spoke on Personal leadership. 'If someone is not clear of what he/she is called to be they will be distracted by the some strange voices. Know your value because the world will not tell you who you are." Sylvia explained. Dr. David Oginde, presiding Bishop of CITAM enlightened the leaders on Redeeming System from 2 Samuel 6:1-15. Dr. Oginde explained that there is a God system and World system whereby in an organization when things are going on well, there needs to be influence, and when going wrong leadership goes above influence and action has to be taken.
Gary Schwammlein, President Emeritus, GLN
CCP Delegates
Daniel Ndambuki aka "Churchill" at the GLN
CCP'S Executive Team at the GLS
CCP Delegates in a group photo
Catching up with some friends at the Summit
A word of prayer
At the registration
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