African Children's Prayer Day-Firmly Rooted and Built Up in Christ
On 5th October, 2019 CCP took one hundred and fifty three children to participate in the African children's prayer day at Nairobi Chapel Ngong road. African Children's Prayer day is an annual event which brings together children from various schools, churches and Christian organizations to pray for different issues. The event started at 8:45am with praise and worship sessions led by kids. Four of our girls were paired up with other children and led songs in the first worship session. Pastor Bea of Nairobi Chapel then took the chance to explain to the children the importance of the African Children's Prayer Day and emphasized on the theme verse Colossians 2:7 ''Rooted and built up in Him, and established in the faith as you have been taught , abounding in it with thanksgiving.' (The Gideons Bible) She explained that the day is special because it's a time to continuously pray for everything. She encouraged the kids to put faith in God as they pray for everything. The prayers started with praying for Grade eight learners who are supposed to sit for their national exams end of this month. The y then proceeded to pray for the schools in which they go to and for the children whose school collapsed, killing eight of their colleagues and leaving 64 injured. In the second session they prayed for families; health, finance and issues of the families. Prayers for those dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts also went on to pray for peace in the family setup. Pastor Bella, Nairobi Chapel's Children Ministry Coordinator, emphasized on the importance of Prayer .She told the children that she always looks forward to the Prayer Day. Pastor Alfreda concluded with celebrating the Kids who had birthdays on that day and in the next week. From the Prayer Day, our Kids were able to learn more about prayer and the importance of prayer in their lives.
An amazing pair leading a Praise session.
Children writing prayer requests
Representatives carrying some prayer items
Children praying for Differnt countries
She had something to tell God.
Some of our staff having fun with the kids
Quite time to meditate
Prayers of faith by the kids
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