ADVANCE Summit 2019- Finding Forward
Seven CCP Staff attended the ADVANCE summit for Youth Ministers held on 20th September, 2019 at Nairobi Baptist Church, Ngong Road. ADVANCE is a program done by Nairobi Area Youth Workers Network (NAYNET) envisioned to empower and encourage youth workers in Ministry around Nairobi. The summit was done in three bits; morning, mid-morning and afternoon. In the morning bit, Pastor George Murichu of CITAM Woodley encouraged Youth Ministers to do a heart audit. He emphasized on the importance of personal evaluation, as it helps on to know where they are headed to from where they are coming from. It about surrendering to the Holy Spirit sanctifying work, it allows ministers to pursue Holiness and follow the bibles teachings and apply them in our daily lives. He emphasized on introspection and encouraged Youth workers to trust in God. Scottish Evangelist Colin Piper challenged the ministers to envision raising a generation of African world changers. He asked us to stop talking and listen, stop leading and serving. He encouraged us to focus on God and serve in the ministry with zeal and great passion. He concluded with saying "It would be great if Africa produced young globally minded leaders. If we worked towards connectivity we would raise a generation of African world changers." In the mid-morning session T.C Washe together with Pastor Chris of Renewal church shared on the Nairobi we want. They challenged us to be the change we wish to see and be bold enough to be it. T.C highlighted some of the people we do not reach out to; People living with disability, Artists and Celebrities and the affluent in society. They encouraged us to widen our scope of evangelism, giving examples of evangelism in Prisons and to children serving jail terms. In the Afternoon, Ernest Wamboye handled a "Sensitive topic" of Sexuality. He led a discussion on Irresponsible sexual behavior in Youth ministers and how it affects their serving. He also tackled Homosexuality and same sex attraction. Towards the end of the session he did a survey on sexual behavior among Youth ministers in the meeting. In his survey, almost half of those present lusted for people they are not married to, half were in sexual relationships with people they are not married to, a quarter were in multiple sexual relationships, a third had procured or helped procure an abortion. With this survey he said," You cannot advise on what you are struggling with." He encouraged sexual Purity among unmarried Youth ministers as the youth they minister to tend to seek advice about sexual purity from them. Pastor David Ewagata shared on following Christ's example in serving .He challenged us not to put new wine in old wineskins; Using old techniques to solve new problems and new solutions to old problems in aspects of leadership, ministry and teaching. He encouraged us to plant forward in order to find forward. We are grateful to have been empowered and equipped with the necessary skills to help us serve the Youth and Teenagers.
Pastor George sharing in the first session
CCP Staff hanging out with facilitators.
Happy To have been equipped for God's work.
The day's worship team was amazing!
The Emcee of the day welcomes everyone.
And the time to be Happy is now!
Praying that we become approved workmen.
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