CCP's Rites Of Passage Experiences (ROPEs) Fundraising Breakfast
On September 28, 2019, 17 parents attended the first CCP ROPEs Fundraising Breakfast intended to help offset the 2019 ROPES camp budget. This was organized by the ROPEs Counselors at St. Luke ACK Church, Gatina. Pastor Billy Lusava, CCP's Children & Youth Coordinator led the devotion from Habakkuk 2:3 and Psalm 34:8 encouraging the guardians to wait upon the Lord and trust Him in every situation for the man that trust in God is blessed. Pastor Billy went ahead and asked the guardians to patiently believe that God will meet the desires of their heart because He will do it even if it takes long. Later on, the guardians signed consent forms and wrote letters, a customary ROPEs practice, to their children in preparation for the camp. Benard Okoth, CCP's Educational Coordinator and a ROPEs Counselor reminded the parents of their commitment to settle the dues before the camp that will take place in November. Benard also gave them the camp dates and advised them to attend the camp on the final night which is mandatory for every parent/guardian for bonding and affirmation with all campers. Some of the guardians took a moment to hold hands and pray for their children before the breakfast was served. The grand finale was the sumptuous breakfast served by the Counselors. CCP staff and parents came together to make the day a success by giving willingly towards the fundraising. We were able to raise a total of Kshs.10,375.00 ($103.75). Thank you CCP guardians and staff for your contribution. ROPEs program aims at helping Grade 8 students transitioning from childhood to be responsible adults in society. The year-long program takes parents through 6 lessons, while the students go through 36 lessons, culminating in the ROPEs camp experience in November 2019.
A time of prayer
United in prayer
Some consultation
A word of encouragement from Pastor Billy
Living in the moment
Interaction while enjoying the breakfast
A group photo of Counselors
Signing of the consent form & letter writing
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