Guardians' Training- self Care
On 7th September 2019, CCP sponsorship team held a Guardian's training themed Self- care. It was aimed at emphasizing the importance of self-care to the guardians and help them know how best to take care of themselves and how to manage stress. The training started with a brief session of praise followed by a sermon that was shared by Pastor Billy Mwashi, CCP's Spiritual coordinator who encouraged the guardians to have faith as strong as the lepers in 1st Kings 2:1-9. "Winning battles are fought on our knees and not in the battlefield." Sister Caroline, a counsellor from Daystar University talked to the guardians about Self- care. She appreciated the guardians for taking good care of the children and acknowledged that sometimes their duty as care-givers could be overwhelming. Some care –givers are on medication for various illnesses, she asked to always remember to take their medicine as this is part of self-care. "Self-care starts with appreciating yourself and taking good care of your health." She gave insights on Stress management with the help of some guardians who also shared some of the methods they use in managing stress: 1. Listening to music 2: Getting enough sleep 3: Going on a walk She reminded the guardians on the importance of Self –Care: 1. Helps in replenishing energy 2. Helps one to understand the importance of what they are doing 3. Helps to continue doing what you do better Self- care routine requires us to sleep for not less than 8 hours. Lack of enough sleep is a health risk. Care- givers sometimes feel ashamed and afraid to ask for help. This causes them to be stressed and overwhelmed by all the things around them. It is okay to seek help when you are not able to do something. One of the major causes of stress is the idea you need to go an extra mile to provide. Be contented with the little you can provide, manage it. Stress kills only when you have no options. Living with people; getting connected help us find options. Self-care tips 1. Encourage yourself. 2. Get enough rest (sleep) to improve your strength for the next day. 3. Know what triggers you to be stressed and manage it early enough. 4. Get to know people. Connections could help seek help. 5. Exercise. This helps to burn away calories and trains the muscles. It also helps the mind to relax.
CCP Medical Coordinator sharing insights.
A Parent sharing her experience
Now to the word of the day.
Speaker of the day leading her discussion.
Parents reading the bible together
The speaker with a parent demonstrating.
Parents praying.
Happy and fun times!
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