Grade Eight Educational and Inspirational Trip
On 7th September twenty two grade 8 students accompanied by their teachers went for an inspiring educational trip with the theme `You can make it' at the Fourteen Falls in Thika. The first stop was at the fourteen falls ground which is the most famous and magnificent falls in Thika. It has 14 distinct waterfalls filled with thousands of litres of water. The fast flowing water pounds more than 25 meters into the large pool at the base of the fall causing a loud thundering sound that is heard distances away and makes the experience unforgettable. The learners had a chance to go near the fall and enjoy the beautiful scene of the falls and afterwards narrated their experience. Subsequently, the students went to fourteen falls lodge where they had breakfast and headed for a nature walk to reflect on their life silently through the quiet forest. Surprisingly, the path led them to tall hanging bridge across the trees. They walked across the high wooded bridge to help them overcome fear. Each one had a personal experience of the practise which they shared and some were very courageous that they crossed the bridge twice. Later on they had lunch as they interacted and shared the lessons learnt. The climax of the day was a motivational talk by Mr. Daniel Kihuria a teacher from Kinyanjui Road Primary School. He encouraged the candidates to have faith because they will conquer the Kenya Certificate Primary Education (KCPE) successfully which looks like a mountain ahead of them. ``KCPE is like any other examination you have done. You need not to fear because you are all bright students'', Mr. Daniel instructed. He advised them to focus on doing serious revision at the moment and avoid distraction since they only have a short time to sit for the national examination. We wish our candidates all the best in the upcoming exams.
At the falls
Walking across the forest
How high can you jump
Posing for a photo
Walking across the bridge
Enjoying lunch
Mr.Kihuria advising students
Students paying attention
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