CCP Board Linkage Meeting
On August 31st, 2019, Chosen Children of Promise held a Board & Community Linkage meeting at Maisha Poa, Kawangware. This meeting provides a forum where all the stakeholders receive updates, exchange ideas, ask questions and evaluate the effectiveness of various CCP programs. This meeting that occurs once a year brings together board members, teaching staff, students from primary and high schools, as well as college students. In attendance also were parents/guardians and a representation of the CCP staff. CCP Board Chairman, Michael Makumi led the meeting which began with fellowship over a cup of tea. Thereafter, insights were given by each team with the board responding to issues raised. Horace Rabuor, CCP Academy teacher expressed the benefit of the Academy to the community as it focuses on academic excellence and character formation. He advised on where the students were at in the syllabus and challenges encountered by teachers. He advised the student representatives to take Mathematics subject positively. Mr. Davis Kidake, CCP Academy teacher talked about the school achievements and the planned for a motivational trip for the Grade 8 candidates to the Fourteen Falls in Thika. In addition, Faith Wayua, a CCP Social worker thanked CCP for the opportunity given to nurture potential in the staff. Faith enlightened the team on the role of Sponsorship Program in relation to recruitment of clients. Catherine Mmbone, who is enrolled at East Africa School of Aviation recommended that college students who have been in the program, be recruited to lend capacity in the various programs at CCP. This would give them an edge when looking for jobs, as they will have garnered skills and experience. In conclusion, Jacqueline Ngige, appreciated all the members present for sacrificing their time to attend and ensure that there is solid information from its stakeholders to help them evaluate the programs and serve the community better. She promised the team to look into all the matters raised for the benefit of the clients and organization.
Board Members listening carefully
College going student raising a point
Answering to the question
A guardian explaining a point
A high school student had something to say
CCP Academy Student has something to add to the discussion
Some encouragement from a guardian
Snack Time
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