First FTB Graduation: Truth
For the Boys (FTB) Program graduated 33 young men in partnership with Chosen Children of Promise on 24th August 2019 at the Mash Park Hotel in Nairobi. The intentional mentoring program for boys in collaboration with FTB started in April 2017 with 25 boys and grew to 42 boys by the end of 2018. This year we have 21 boys on active FTB Boys Mentoring Program. For The Boys (FTB) that exists to break the cycle of abuse, abandonment, and addiction among boys and men in Kenya by intervening in the lives of at-risk boys and building resilience, hope, and integrity in them. CCP's Spiritual coordinator, Pastor Billy Lusava shared on truthfulness to God, self and others. The sermon was followed by a few boys who shared their stories of transformation and gratitude for the mentoring experience; they appreciated their mentors and CCP staff in their journey of transformation and encouraged other boys to befriend their mentors and become open to correction as well as seek help whenever they face challenges. In some of the testimonies that were shared, the boys were reminded to keep off streets, drugs and substance abuse, bad company, abusive relationships among other risks that would ruin their health and future. Some of the parents and guardians present gave testimony of the impact that the FTB Boys Mentoring has had in the lives of their sons. In one instance, a parent shared that they had seen significant improvement in the behavior of their son that has translated into impressive grades in school. A total of 16 parents and guardians graced the occasion. CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi affirmed the boys and challenged them to find a younger boy and walk with them in gratitude for the mentoring experience they received. She encouraged them to take control of their lives in the light of the lessons they picked from the mentoring experience. Stella applauded the efforts of the boys and their mentors in building relationships based on friendship that spurred the transformation that was being celebrated. All the 33 boys were presented with a certificate of completion each during the graduation ceremony. Their achievement was symbolically celebrated with a cake cutting in a ceremony that concluded with lunch buffet. CCP's Mentoring Program intends to help children above grade five reach their full potential by supporting their character formation, spiritual growth, social welfare, academic progress, gifts and talents. This is done through monthly one-on-one contacts, home visits, fun activities for bonding and monthly mentors meetings for reviews and revitalization. We currently have a total of 145 children (73 boys & 72 girls) on active mentoring.
Grand entrance
Cake to crown the ceremony
A guardian shares his experience
He did it!
A graduate sharing his story.
A mentor shares his mentorship journey
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