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On 14th August, 2019 Chosen Children of Promise (CCP) high school students and their guardians attended high schoolers meeting organized by the Education Department at Gatina Primary School, Kawangware. Pallomeh Angaya, CCP's Social worker, welcomed everyone and led the people in praise and worship and all had a chance to thank God for His faithfulness. One of the guardian thanked God for taking care of her and her family and for playing a big role in her child's life who is now in form four (grade 12). Pastor Jefro Katai, the guest preacher shared the word of God about the story of Joseph from the Bible in Genesis 37:12-36. From the story Pastor Jefro taught on how Joseph passed through much challenges yet he endured even in time of temptations and was able to overcome. He went ahead and encouraged the students and the parents from the book of Jeremiah 1:5 and Matthew 7:7-8. Catherine Mmbone, CCP sponsored college going student and a volunteer in CCP's Spiritual department had a word for the students. Catherine encouraged them to work hard and never give up in life and above all put God first in everything they do. Mable Umali CCP Medical Coordinator led an interactive session on 'do it better' in relation to CCP sponsorship program. Both parents and students appreciated CCP for the support in academic especially providing school fees and all school essentials. Stella Mwangi CCP Managing Director challenged the parents on how well they know their children's performance and for those who did not know they were given a chance to ask the performance from their child. She also went ahead and encouraged the students to work hard and character formation. Jacqueline Ngigi, CCP Finance Director on the other hand talked about following the right path and to be content with what God has blessed them. She also talked about giving thanks for the chance one has in the particular school. She went ahead and awarded 12 students who had performed well and 11 students who had an improvement in their results. They were cerebrated and encouraged to keep up and others were admonished to work hard in the next examination.
Guardian student one on one
Student giving her views
Stella presenting award to student
Jacqueline addressing guardians and students
Grade 12 student giving his views
Praying for grade 12 students
Pastor Jefro Kantai praying for guardians and children
Stella engaging guardian in conversation
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