CCP Academy school trip
On 14th August, 2019 CCP Academy's grade 3,4 and 5 went for an academic trip. The 55 pupils and their three teachers left school at 9 am and began their trip with a visit to The Safari Walk at Nairobi National Park in Lang'ata. They were excited to see animals like lions, leopards, hyenas, the rhino, waterbucks, zebras and monkeys. They got to learn facts about the animals and got clarifications on different animal species during the walk. It was explained to them why that part of the park is called the Safari walk; A directed trail in which one learns about and sees different animals . They were excited to see a pride of lions before proceeding to the next venue, Mamba village. The mamba village is about 10 minutes from the National Park. It is located off Lang'ata road. As it's name suggests the mamba village habours crocodiles. The pupils got to learn about Nile crocodiles, the second largest crocodile species in the world. They learnt about how the crocodile hunts, feeds, reproduces. Some of the fun facts were; crocodiles don't sweat, they release excess heat through the mouth. Crocodiles don't have tongues and saliva therefore they require water to soften their food before swallowing it. They have 66 canines and hunt best while in water. After learning about the crocodiles, they also learned about tortoises . In the mamba village there were two types of tortoises, the hinge back and the giant tortoise. The giant tortoise is bigger than the hinge -back tortoise. The Mamba village is also home to some ostriches. The learners learned that the ostrich is the fastest bird. After all the learning, the learners had fun at the bouncing castle, merry-go-round and had a fun boat ride in the dam at Mamba village before having lunch and finally heading home.
CCP Academy learners with their Teacher at the Safari Walk
CCP Academy learners learning about crocodiles.
Fun Boat ride
Girls Posing for a photo in the bouncing castle.
A guide through the life of a tortoise
There's an ostrich!
Here we go!
Reading information about rhinos at Safari Walk.
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