August 2019 Youth VBS ends
On 12th August, 2019 curtains came down for the Youth VBS themed 'Abba's Child' with a cultural event. The three teams; Champions, Flamers and Sailors each did a presentation of a cultural concept they had been working on from 5th August. Each team was assigned a marginalized community to do research on song, food and cultural aspects on social or economic activities of each ethnic group. Champions were assigned the Ogiek, Flamers the Gabra and Sailors the Nubians. Each team had a task to prepare food and presentation, clothing and showcase at least one social activity of the community assigned. Upon arrival at Gatina Primary, Teams went into individual groups to finalize on the songs and dance and rehearse on the social activities prepared. Costumes, body art and accessories were also made during the preparations; this was also a show of creativity. In the meantime all the preparations were done and the teams were ready for presentation. The order of presentations was; Food, clothing, song and finally the social activity. The communities decided on wedding ceremonies and one did a dowry payment ceremony. The judges, in their commentary said that the cultural event was one of a kind as it challenged on how to judge. They had to do thorough research on the communities beforehand. They congratulated the teams for making the day’s event a success and urged the youth to be keen on research in the next cultural concept. They announced the result and Champions (Ogiek) carried the day with 92 points followed by Sailors (Nubians) with 85 points and finally Flamers (Gabra) with 65 points. After the presentations were done, we called on the CCV team to say goodbye to the youth. This was a bit difficult since they had interacted so well and became so close. The results for games from Monday to Friday were also announced. Sailors took first place with 2240, followed by Champions with 1700 and finally flamers with 1400. The winning teams for both results were awarded, not forgetting the other teams which were appreciated for a job well done. Stella Mwangi, CCP's Managing Director commended each team for working hard to make the day successful. She also reminded them to stay safe during the holiday and hoped to see them again in the next VBS scheduled for November.
Judges inspecting a pot carried by a Nubi
Dramatization of Ogiek's dowry payment celebration.
Nubi presentation of song and dance
The winning team recieving their gifts.
Gabra presentation of the bride hidden in her tent
A team serving food they prepared for their members
CCP'S managing Director commends the talents presented .
Showcase of clothing of the ogiek
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