CCP 2019 Medical Camp
Chosen Children of Promise (CCP) held a free medical camp sponsored by its partner organization Simply2Love on 10th August, 2019 at Gatina Primary School, Kawangware. The camp attracted 640 people; CCP staff, Simply2Love and CCV team from California helped throughout the day. A team of professional doctors, nurses and nutritionist from partner dispensary offered medical services to the community. The services provided to the community needs in the areas of doctor consultation, dental care, Voluntary Counseling Testing (VCT), cancer screening, prayer and pharmacy and some cases were given referral for further treatment. We praise the Lord the camp attracted 604 people from the local community whereby 18 gave their lives to Christ. CCP Medical Coordinator Mable welcomed everyone, and the camp began at 9AM. Patients started with registration where they were given numbers according to their arrival time. Upon being called, they went to the observation room where nurses checked their weight, height, and blood pressure. Everyone was except pregnant women were given De-wormer medicine and children were advised on nutrition. After that each patient had a one-on-one doctor consultation. At the dental care station, 100 people went for dental services, and at VCT 56 people had one-on-one private counseling with the doctors. Cancer screening attended to 34 people. Following these stations, every patient went to the prayer room to pray with a CCP Spiritual staff member or a visitor. After prayer, patients who were prescribed medicine from the doctors went to the pharmacy where they were provided with the needed medicine and instructions on how to use them. The area's Member of County Assembly (MCA) stopped by and was impressed by CCP'S service to the community. In his words he applauded CCP for selflessly serving the community and pledged his support for any projects that assist the residents. He also encouraged the youth to know their HIV status for their own good and was happy that there was free cervical cancer screening.
Area MCA commending CCP for a job well done
A doctor writing a prescription
Patients getting registered for treatment.
Praying for a patient in the prayer room
A patient gets her blood pressure checked
CCP staff help a patient get on the weighing scale
Pharmacy team at work
CCP board chair, CCP MD and Simply2love Founder.
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