Staff outing at The Forest.
On 2nd August, 2019 forty-eight CCP and CCV staff visited The Forest, Limuru for a Staff outing and team building in preparation for the upcoming VBS the following week. The day started as early as 6:30am at the CCP office with the team being divided into two; Warriors and Ebenezer. During the two hour journey the teams interacted and bonded with exciting conversations, discussions and jokes filled the buses. The first stop was the beautiful sight seeing and fresh breathtaking from a higher ground site at the Rift valley View point followed by a brief photo session before we continued with our journey. We got to Kereita forest at 8:20am, 40 minutes earlier. We did quick icebreakers before having an outdoor breakfast at 9am. After breakfast, the teams faced off at paintballing. Before the match the paintball instructor gave the teams instructions on how to hold the paintball gun, targeting, shooting and safety measures during paintballing. He explained the importance of wearing a helmet; to avoid injury. He further explained the place where paintballing is done is called a war zone. Warriors were given red bands and Ebenezer were given blue bands. Ebenezer was able to defeat warriors by eliminating them. After the exciting session of paintball, we went into an adrenaline rush, zip line! Zip line instructors ensured we wore gear necessary for zip lining. They also gave us guidelines and safety precautions on zip lining and guided us in trial zip lining before allowing us to the main zip line. After Lunch we concluded team building exercise with two group games ; Giant Jenga and bawling both being competitive. We left Kereita Forest at 4pm happy to have had fun.
Trying to get a clear target.
A moment before the war starts
Ready to fly across!
A brief stop at the view point.
Fire your gun in 3...
Clear to proceed
Lunch catch up
When the hunter becomes the hunted.
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