We are the Hope we are the Future
Two hundred and twenty two CCP Children convened at Gatina Primary School grounds for an inter-competition activities end term event on July 27, 2019. The children were from four CCP'S four Good News Clubs (GNC) centers which include; Kawangware Day, Good Hope, Community Center & Ngando. This centers meet every Saturday for the spiritual teaching whereby they are taught the word of God. The event was to showcase the talents and gifting impacted upon the children. The presentations done by all the four centers were in accordance to the theme of the day "We are the Hope, We are the Future". The presentations from the children included; dance, skits, poems, memory verses, songs and Bible Trivia. The adjudicators suggested the kid's talents needs to be nurtured and given room for growth. The event ended with Ngando taking first position, secondly was Good Hope. Kawangware Day and Community Center took third and fourth position respectively. In conclusion, Stella Mwangi, CCP's managing Director commended the children efforts and urged them to keep up. She commended the efforts of the GNC teachers in the various centers for a good job in nurturing the Children talents and encouraged the teams to keep up the good work. The kids went home happy as the winning team celebrated their victory.
Reciting poem
They got moves!
For another round of Dance
Children watching the performance
Stella commending a job well done
Consulting with the judges.
children listening to announcements
Acting out a skit
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