Seventeen Parents attended the sixth ROPEs parents' meeting with the theme of the day being "Bonding- Time with my Child" took place on Saturday June 29th, 2019 at St. Luke ACK Church, Gatina. Peter Atisa, CCP ROPEs Counselor led the devotion from Job 1:1-22 advising the guardians on how to overcome tough times. He encouraged the parents to be strong and courageous as they trust in the Lord because tough seasons come and are temporal in life. Afterwards, Pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga, CCP's Children & Youth Coordinator trained on Time with your Child. Pastor Fredrick asked the parents to take responsibility of creating time for their children for bonding purposes. He identified that teenagers need to be shown love and moral support and if not given they will look for it elsewhere. 'There are so many things that run in the mind of the teenagers which need some guidance and answers from parents. If not handled carefully they will get negative counsel from bad friend', Fred enlightened the parents. Pastor Fred advised on ways to bond with their teenagers like; dinner time, doing chores together, schedule a day out, prepare meals together among others. He encouraged the parents to make their home a conducive environment for rapport. In conclusion, the parents were reminded of the ROPEs camp in November and clear payment. ROPEs program targets eighth grade students that are transitioning from childhood to responsible adults in the society. The yearlong program takes parents through six lessons and thirty two for teenagers culminating for a camp experience in November 2019.
Pastor Fredrick explaining a point
Guardians at the Training
Getting to know the well-being of your neighbor
A time of worship
Listening attentively
Ready to pray
One of the guardians contributing to the days agenda
Faith, a ROPES Counselor talking to the guardians
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