Guardians Training Parental presence in children lives
CCP's Guardian's training on the topic "Role of a Parent in a Child's Life" was held on 6th July 2019 at Maranatha Faith Assemblies Kabiro, The training begun with some snack & tea and later on praise and worship. Thereafter the training was facilitated by Jacqueline Ngige, CCP's Director of Finance. Jacqueline educated the guardians on the importance of their presence in their child's life. She asked them to take care of their children in order to be a responsible person in life. "No one can give your child unconditional love as a parent. You are the first teachers in a child's life", Jacqueline explained. She instructed the guardians to give their children moral support, speak positively, affirm and above all get to know who are their friends. In conclusion, Pallomeh, CCP's Social Worker, lead devotion from the book of Job. Explaining that Job used to offer sacrifice for his children incase they had wronged God. She gave an example of Timothy who was brought up and trained the right ways by a responsible mother and grandmother according to the book of 1Timothy 1:3. "Let's do our part as parents and the Lord will do His part. It doesn't matter how unruly, stubborn your child may seem, just be patient with them because the Lord is able to change them", Pallomah advised. In addition, she led the congregation into a prayer session whereby everyone was to pray for their children, challenges they are undergoing and personal issues. A great number of guardians went to the front to surrender their issues to the Lord in prayer.
Guarding enjoying tea and snack
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Prayer time
Praise and worship
Jacqueline training the guardians
Guardian asking a question
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