CCP Welcome the Moore Family
CCP's excitement as they welcome a family of eight from California, USA on June 1st, 2019 at the St. Luke ACK, Gatina. The family comprised of couples Matt & Jenny Moore, their parents and four of their children joined the Cubbies at the Good News Club (GNC) at the Gatina venue. The couple donated some teaching aid materials for the younger kids aged 3-5 years. They were able to have a meeting with the CCP team that teach the younger kids at the GNC and were able to understand how the materials they donated has helped teach the kids effectively. In addition, the family had an opportunity to make home visits to some of the children in CCP's Sponsorship program. This gave them the chance to learn and familiarize themselves with their new environment and get to learn their backgrounds. Thereafter, they had breakfast and lunch together with the CCP staff and served the children with a sumptuous lunch. The children were excited during the games time where they had some happy moments blowing bubbles with the Moore family and in the end they candies to enjoy.
Some light moment at the training
A Word of Prayer
Getting to know each other
Bubble game time
Matt explaining a point
Listening keenly
During a home visit
A group photo
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