Time Management for Success
During the 4th ROPEs meeting that was held on 25th May, 2019 at ACK St Luke’s Gatina Irene CCP’s head of communication shared on the importance of time management in achieving goals. Fifteen parents keenly took in tips on Time management for success which were; 1. Setting goals – Involves putting your mind to doing a task within a certain period of time. Goals give individual direction and focus. 2. Prioritizing- involves doing things in accordance to importance and urgency. One must understand: Why they are doing the task? How important is the task in achieving set goals? To what extent is the task helpful in achieving the set goals? 3. Keeping a task list- It is important for one to have a to-do-list that reminds you when to do what. To-do-lists are vital in organization and planning. 4. Scheduling tasks-Knowing what time of the day is your prime time is key when planning things to do. Understanding your rhythm helps you schedule tasks appropriately so as to make the most of the prime times. 5. Focus on one task at a time-Forget multitasking and focus on one thing before starting the next one. 6 Minimize distractions –Distractions are things that divert your attention from what you have set to do. It could be T.V, friends, the internet. This minimizes your productivity and could cause hasty and rash acting which could later result into underperformance. 7. Overcome procrastination- Procrastination is a thief of time. Putting off tasks for a later time or date may end up in not doing what is expected. The only way to beat procrastination is to do it there and then. 8. Take breaks- However tempting it may be to work to a deadline for 8-10 hours, it is important to take short breaks to replenish. Your productivity is best when you are well rested. 9. Say "NO" –Mastering the art of gently saying 'NO' is important in prioritizing tasks. Say 'NO'to tasks that do not matter. 10. Delegate tasks- You cannot manage everything on your own. Get people to help you do things when you are busy. Delegating does not mean you dump your responsibilities to someone else. In addition to this, Mable shared the devotion and encouraged the parents to support their children. Parents were also reminded on the upcoming camp; and raising funds for the camp.
CCP staff responding to a question asked
A guardian reacting to the topic shared
Attentively listening to the speaker
Brief discussion between staff and a guardian
The speaker of the day did a good job!
Staff and a parent talk after the meeting
Some announcements as the meeting concluded
Staff sharing words of encouragement
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