CCP Academy visits Precious Blood Riruta
A group of seven girls from grade eight together with their teacher visited Precious Blood Girls'High School, Riruta on 25th May, 2019. Precious Blood High School Girls’, Riruta is one of the best performing Girls’ schools in the country. It was a privilege to get tips on academic excellence from one of the best schools and the girls seized the opportunity. Precious Blood had its career day the same day CCP Academy visited; this was a good chance to listen to Keynote speakers of the day who included Safaricom representative of Women In Technology (WIT), The Kenya University and Colleges Placement Service (KUCCPS) representative, a representative from the American Embassy and the chair of the Board Of Management (BOM) , Precious blood. The career day started at 9:00 am with a welcome from the Principal Ms Jacinta Akatsa who welcomed everyone; the parents, students, guests and stakeholders to the careers day. The BoM chair emphasized on the importance of the careers day in the lives of the students and the parents. In his speech he defined career as a set of skills and experiences to gain profit. He also insisted on the importance of career as it defines how the society treats you as an individual. The second speaker of the day was a representative from the US Embassy. Her experience in the embassy came in handy as she advised the girls to think of being global scholars. She encouraged them cast their nets into technology as it a key factor in today’s fast changing world. She added that as a global scholar one has better global opportunities and can work and live as a global citizen. A representative from the American college test (ACT) encouraged the girls to put emphasis on science related courses and to take the ACT for a chance to win a scholarship to pursue a science course of their choice at any university In the US. He also shared insight on philosophy; he gave a definition of Philosophy as "Phil- love "soph- knowledge. Hence defined it as the love for knowledge. "A wise man knows he doesn’t." He concluded his speech with the key points on Attitude: -Response is better than reaction -Vital- Nothing gets done until someone does it. Every subject is important and nothing should be left out. -Action-/Results- You are measured by the results you produce. Lifestyle- Take your mind where your body wants to go. Self-discipline and systematism is important in achieving goals we set. The representative from Women In Technology (WIT) encouraged the girls to take sciences (stem) subjects as they are key in development. She reminded them of Safaricom's WIT program and encouraged them to sign up. The placement service representative reminded everyone of the importance of the Kenya University and Colleges Central Placement(KUCCPS) .It is there to help them transition into higher education. He gave them the requirements to be placed as; -One has to be a Kenyan citizen -Must have sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) -Never benefited from Government scholarship -Must meet the requirement for Degree(C+ and above) Diploma(C and C-) and certificate (D+ and below) He reminded that priority is given to candidates of the previous year. After the career talk, Parents, guardians and students were allowed to visit and ask representatives from the different universities present; Kenyatta University and The Catholic University Of East Africa (CUEA) were among the exhibitors of the day. The girls got a chance to interact with students from Precious Blood Riruta and learn tips on academic excellence from them.
CCP Academy teacher listens to the conversation
Listening to advice from a student leader.
Noting the key points for reference
The girls are excited to learn.
The CUEA, one of the exhibitors of the day.
The A.C.T emphasized on Stem subjects.
Kenyatta University was present as an exhibitor
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