It's not Goodbye,it's see you later!
On May 18th, 2019 CCP staff held a "Kwaheri lunch" at Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Gatina to appreciate the time we had with Kelli. She has been a valuable co-worker and friend to the staff. Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if working for the Lord, not for men," (NIV). We are grateful for Kelli's wholehearted one year service at CCP. There was so much the team had to say about her; Jacquiline Ngige, CCP's Director of Finance, praised her for being a happy, joyful and social person. Stella Mwangi , CCP's Managing Director applauded her commitment and passion to serve the Lord. She also commended Kelli's relationship with the Lord. We pray for a safe trip home and pray that the Lord will keep her safe until we meet again.
A bowl to take porridge.
A parcel for you.
Kelli with the spiritual co-ordinator.
A beautiful masai "shuka" to keep you warm.
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