2019 Third Bi-monthly Guardians Training
CCP's Guardian's training on the topic "Hygiene" was held on 4th May 2019 at Maranatha Faith Assemblies Kabiro, facilitated by Jane Njogu, Community Health Worker. The training began with a devotion shared by Pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga, CCP Children & Youth Coordinator from Psalm 51:1-12. Fred enlightened the guardians on the importance of coming before God with a contrite and a right heart before God. "God sees even in the deepest secret places that we cannot understand. There is nothing God cannot reveal", Fred warned. He told the guardians that the only thing that can cleanse a person from all unrighteousness is Jesus since no soap can cleanse or purify ones spiritual filthiness. He encouraged the guardians to take a step of going before God with a clean heart for its only Jesus who can cleanse one from all uncleanliness. Thereafter, Lucy Njogu, a Community Health Worker enlightened the guardians on the importance of good hygiene in their homes. Lucy emphasized the significance of covering cooked foods stuffs, house clean-up, unclogging junk items, avoid dirty clothes or soaking clothes for a long time in the house. "Every human being have ability and capacity to help themselves", Lucy said. She challenged the guardians to fulfill the purpose God gave them of taking good care of the children entrusted to them. She further instructed them to always clean their hands and use pest control to eradicate roaches and rodents in their homes. Jacqueline Ngige, CCP's Finance Director asked the guardians take responsibility by supporting their children finish the assignments given as well as attend all required meetings by CCP. She encouraged them to stand up as a community and make their environmental surrounding clean. In conclusion, Stella Mwangi, CCP's Managing Director advised the guardians to always teach their children tell the truth because they learn from them hence charity begins at home. In addition, Stella emphasized to the guardians take responsibility of visiting school to understand their children performance. "Very few people are concerned to the ground level to avail themselves. Take this opportunity to help your children because in the later years you will reap the fruits of your labor", Stella advised. At the end, the guardians were excited to be issued with school stationary which includes pencils, erasers and ball pens for their children.
At the meeting
Lucy, guest speaker talking to the guardians
Pastor Fred leading the team in prayer
During the prayer session
Jacqueline, CCP's Finance Director speaking to the group
Wendy, CCP's Sponsorship Coordinator addressing the guardians
At the registration desk
Tea and snack time
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