For The Boys (FTB) Mentoring Outing
On Friday April 26, 2019, we had an outing to Paradise Lost located in Kiambu County on the outskirts of Nairobi. Sixteen mentees and thirteen mentors took part in the outing whose objective was to deepen the relationships between the mentees and their mentors. Pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga helped the mentees and mentors identify with some of the challenges facing boys in the 21st century. He went ahead to share his experience growing up in an effort to set the pace for the fun-filled learning experience lined up for the day. After a couple of ice-breakers, we all got into smaller groups that later morphed into accountability groups; the boys shared some of the challenges they encountered as boys, the kind of support they needed from their mentors and the expectations they had for the outing. The boys had a memorable opportunity to paddle themselves in boats for more than an hour. During the boat rides we had moments of reflection followed with a time that the boys shared their experience on water; the boys shared about their fears on water and in life, their imaginations during the rides, their struggles steering the boats to and fro among others. When the boys were done taking a snack over lunch time, we had a failed saunter to the Mau Mau Stone Age caves through a waterfall. The Stone Age caves were used by freedom fighters in the pre-independent Kenya as a safe hiding place since they could not be easily bombed. The caves proved too dark and scary for the boys and men to keep walking silently hence the saunter's failure; this was significant since most boys and by extension men rarely speak about issues they encounter in life. The experience became a subject of discussion and the importance of sharing life issues highlighted at the tail end of the activity. Just before we took our bus back home, two larger groups were formed by merging the small groups. The two large groups followed written clues provided in premeditated hidden points to perform certain activities in within Paradise Lost. The scavenger game intended to remove any other possible mentor-mentee obstacles and enhance the relationship between the mentees themselves. This was the third group of mentees on the FTB Boys Mentoring Program since its inception in 2017. The CCP Mentoring Program currently has a total of 140 mentees of which 70 are boys. Fifty of these boys are on active mentoring in a partnership between Chosen Children of Promise and For The Boys (FTB). FTB exists to break the cycle of abuse, abandonment, and addiction among boys and men in Kenya by intervening in the lives of at-risk boys and building resilience, hope, and integrity in them.
Setting the pace
Small group discussion
At the waterfalls
At the caves
Excited & ready for the boast ride
Boat ride experience
Mentor & Mentee in a scavenger activity
Mentors vs Mentee activity
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