2019 Man Enough Battalion 24 Graduation
On Sunday April 14, 2019, we had four men from CCP graduate after ten months of Man Enough experience. They were among 600 men who successfully attended classes once a week either on Wednesdays or Saturdays for the entire duration of time besides meeting all other set minimum requirements. Man Enough Program is run by Transform Nations and takes the men through a journey of masculinity in an attempt to grow a tribe of men who will take initiative, live responsibly, love faithfully and leave a worthwhile legacy. The Man Enough Battalion 24 Graduation took place at the Anglican Church of Kenya (A.C.K) All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi. The men who graduated after successfully attending the classes and meeting all the minimum requirements from CCP are Fidelis Wanyama, Samuel Okoth, Vincent Kemboi and Tychicus Amiami, a volunteer in the CCP Spiritual Program. They were awarded a certificate of completion each besides a receiving a gift of a walking stick as a sign of authority and leadership. This was the third group of men from CCP to go through the Man Enough Program with an aim of preparing the men to mentor boys in the CCP sponsorship program who are above grade five. The CCP Mentoring Program currently has a total of 139 mentees of which 69 are boys who are on active mentoring to help them focus and reach their full potential. The Man Enough experience is sponsored by For The Boys (FTB) that exists to break the cycle of abuse, abandonment, and addiction among boys and men in Kenya by intervening in the lives of at-risk boys and building resilience, hope, and integrity in them. So far, a total of 27 men have gone through man enough experience through CCP in partnership with Transform Nations and sponsored by FTB.
At the graduation hall
Graduates pledging to take responsibility
Graduates with the Managing Director Stella Mwangi
In attendance Bishop Dr Mark Kariuki
Graduates with some of CCP Pioneers
Graduates with some of their mentees
Graduates with some of their guardians
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