Girls Mentorship Outing
This year we have initiated our girl's mentorship program as a way to deepen our relationships between the CCP female staff and young girls. To begin in a fun way for the women and girls to get to know each other better, we had the very first girl's mentorship outing! On the last Friday of their term break, we took the girls and their mentors to Rio Breeze Restaurant and Pool just outside of Nairobi. The day began with praise and worship, prayer for the day, and a short message by sponsorship coordinator Wendy on Titus 3 and the importance of older women to instruct the younger women how to follow the Lord and live a life pleasing to Him. We played introductory ice breaker games to learn each other's names before heading out to the field to play and compete. The girls were separated into 2 large teams. Games included "Movie Star" where the team had to act out a movie that many would know, Capture the Flag, and blindfolded makeup application. After games we headed in for lunch, which the girls enjoyed and were very eager for. We split up into small groups based on grade, and the mentors dispersed to join group discussions. We allowed the girls a few minutes to write down their questions on any topic on a piece of paper, and then the mentors discussed and answered the questions the girls had. In this way the girls didn't feel afraid or embarrassed to ask anything they wanted to, and it opened the floor after the topic had been opened to ask more questions. Once group discussion time was over, the girls were excited for the final event of the day: swimming! The time was too short, but the smiles were big! They loved pool time, and once the bus arrived, we sent them off with biscuits and juice. Overall, the day was a huge success for the mentors and mentees to bond, ask questions, learn new things, and have so much fun! We praise the Lord for his protection for everyone and the sweet time for the girls!
Trying to keep the water in the bucket and off ourselves!
Playing Charades
2 girls raced to fill an empty bucket with cotton balls..all while blindfolded!
Blind Makeup!
Small Group Discussion time
Swimming Smiles!
Summer time in Kenya :)
Winning Team poses with their prize!
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