Newly recruited Guardians Training
Thirty nine guardians attended the guardian's training for the newly recruited guardian's from 2015 to 2018. The meeting was held at Maranatha Kabiro on 16th April 2019 and was organized by the sponsorship department. Wendy, Sponsorship Coordinator and Jacqueline, the Finance Director facilitated the meeting by explaining to them how CCP operates through the Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) which includes Child Only MOU, Photo Release MOU, Special needs MOU, Family MOU and GNC Policy. The meeting helped the guardians to understand CCP well and it allowed for clarification on the questions on areas they had not understood.. The guardians were urged to take responsibilities of their children because they are the guardians and parents of the children thus they play a very important role in the children's lives even if they assisted by CCP. The following are the major focus points of the MOUS First the guardians were reminded that they had committed to avail the child to attend (at least 80%) the children's Good News Club (GNC) and VBS programs offered by CCP or certain privileges may be withdrawn as stipulated in the GNC Policy. On Photo and information Release, CCP is allowed to use the child photos in participating in programs or activities related to CCP with limited specific information and if the Child exits the program, CCP will not be responsible for the return of photos and videos that include the child and/or family. They were also reminded that CCP's policy does not allow double sponsorship - therefore the guardian agrees that the child can only participate in CCP's sponsorship program and no other support program. The MOUs also let the guardians agrees to attend all parents meetings from any CCP ministry that they are requested to attend and the guardian agrees that all communication between the sponsored child and their family with their sponsors will go through CCP. They were taken through all the MOUs and were given the copies of the same and were told to seek further clarification in the case they had not understood any section of the MOUS or any program within CCP. The meeting ended with word of prayer by Sarah social worker.
Guardians listening
Wendy taking the parents through the MOUs
Guardians going through the MOUs
Jacqueline talking to parents
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