Youth VBS Ends
Our 6th-12th graders were faithful in attending our Youth VBS throughout the week. One hundred and seventy seven (177) on average attended the VBS . They heard messages on obedience, drug and substance abuse, sex and relationships, self-esteem, and relationship with God from five different CCP speakers. After each personal testimony and message, the youth would separate into small groups based on grade, where they would then discuss the topics more in-depth. These small groups are always a great way for the students to ask the leaders questions and give the staff insight into the world of our youth. After small group time our youth would split into their two teams and compete in very clever games created by gamesí leaders Peter and Stellar. These were always hilarious, including fast eating, balloon kissing, and team dancing competitions. We ask for your continued prayers for our youth. The pressures they face and the situations they are in need all the prayer possible. We praise Jesus they are still with us and still learning and growing in the Lord. Of the youth, (number) gave their life to Christ this week. Youth VBS ended on Friday with a surprise guest as well as the Childrenís! Didiman is a top Kenyan gospel artist, and he along with his hypeman led the group in a few of his top charted songs! What a joy it is to serve these young people and seven youths gave their lives to Christ Thank you for your prayers and support; we know August VBS will be even better with the Lordís hand over it!
Taking notes
Recap time
Game time
Small groups
Enjoying the dance
Cheering for their team
Ladies modelling
Gents Modelling
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