Kids VBS Comes to an end
We praise the Lord for a wonderful five days April Vacation Bible School (VBS) for our children! One hundred and sixty six children (166) children on average kids attended the VBS at Kawangware center and two hundred and thirty eight (238) children on average kids attended the VBS Ngando center. The kids learned two new songs with actions to celebrate the coming Easter holiday and the living Jesus we serve! Throughout the week they learned 5 Bible lessons about the events following Jesusí resurrection along with Bible verses to complement these. They enjoyed new games and crafts. We are humbled and overjoyed to announce seventy-six children gave their life to Christ this week! Please continue to lift them up in prayer to continue growing closer to God. Our VBS ended with a bang on Friday! Surprise guests came to sing and dance with the kids; popular Kenyan gospel artists Moji Shortbabaa and Jabidii visited for the final ceremony! The kids were beside themselves with excitement, and several students even danced with them at the front! Songs such as Odi Dance, KDF, and Vimbada are the ones we play throughout the week because the kids love to dance to them; they happen to be the ones these artists created! Check out our Instagram page at chosenchildrenofpromise for videos and pictures of the event!
Happy to complete the word puzzle
Lesson time
Participating on balloon busting
games time
A skit on lesson day 5 by teachers
Children posing for a photo
Children dancing
The winning team receiving the gifts
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