CCP Academy Closes for Term One
CCP Academy closed for April holidays on April 4th 2019 at St.Luke ACK Church, Kawangware. Beatrice, CCP Academy teacher encouraged the students from the book of Exodus 13:13-14 to set a target on what they want to achieve in their education and even in life. In addition to the above she prompted them to put their focus on education which is the most important thing. It is not what has happened now but what will happen in future she remarked. Because the total marks scored determines the scores of exams done during the opener, mid-term and end-term which totals to an average mark. In the meantime, the students gave presentations from different classes for entertainment. Different teachers gave their remarks and congratulated the students for the effort in their academics and emphasized on doing more revision at home to better their marks. Thereafter, Hilda, CCP Academy Head teacher, reminded to make sure they complete the holiday assignment. Hilda advised the students to take good care of their bodies while at home and avoid dark and dangerous places. Student who achieved good grades, most improved and had done well in various subjects were rewarded. This was to motivate the students for good performance and also encourage others to do better next time. Grade three being the best performed grade in term one were all rewarded. In conclusion, Mable Umali, CCPs Medical Coordinator gave a word of counsel to the students and culminated with a word of prayer. The guardians came later on to pick their children report book. CCP Academy will re-open on April 30th, 2019. CCP Academy, which began two years ago in May 2014, accommodates children from CCP's Sponsorship program and from the community. The academy now has six classes starting from third to eighth grade. CCP academy is an Upper Primary School concentrating in preparing students for High School, College and University. CCP Academy boasts of highly trained and registered teachers, well equipped library with enough textbooks for every student. CCP offers free computer classes and field trips to both high schools and universities.
At the Closing Ceremony
Hilda, CCP Academy Head Teacher
Celebrating hard-work
A Student being awarded
Prayer Time
A hand of Applause
The fashion parade
Fashion show
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