2019 EX Candidates meeting
On 2nd April 2019 CCP Staff held a meeting with nine ex-candidates together with their guardians regarding college selection. The meeting started with praise and worship led by the ex-candidates. Benard CCP Education Coordinator, facilitated the selection of colleges and ensure that there is 100% college admission by May 2019.The students selected the colleges of their choice, provided school fees structure and admission letters to CCP. Guardians were encouraged to be involved in education of their children and support them. They were informed of CCP school fees allocation per student. CCP will provide fully the college fee however the parents are to be involved as they are to provide transport, rent for hostels if their children choose to go to a school away from Nairobi. After admission to colleges, the students are supposed to continue with the giving back to the organization especially through spiritual volunteering as they do in spiritual department. They were also taken through the College & University Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) where at the beginning of every semester they have to provide the school timetable for planning plus the course outlined and units per semester. It is expected to provide the academic transcript and results to show the progress every semester before school fees is released for accountability purposes. They were encouraged to have a performance of 75% and above that is grade A to enable them get the full scholarship. They also have to provide monthly reports indicating academic progress, spiritual growth, social welfare, leadership development, gifts and talents, mentoring progress, parental support and volunteering progress. Obedient is better than sacrifice and Children honour your father and mother the word of wisdom for the students to keep them in their hearts even after they get to go to college. Lastly but not least they were encouraged to apply for National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), KRA Pin, Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), Bursaries and they were given each benefit of having all these documents.
Some instruction from Jacqueline, CPP's Director of Finance
Stella, CCP's Managing Director having one on one with the ex-candidates
One of the parents contributing to the motion of the day
Guiding the parents through the MOU
Stella, CCP's Managing Director giving some instruction
One of the Ex-candidates answering a question
Benard, CCP's Coordinator enlightening the group about the college selection
Looking keenly on the MOU
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