A Tree is known by its Fruit
Twenty-nineteen Follow up Discipleship program graduation targeting staff and ex-candidates happened on March 30th, 2019 at St.Luke ACK, Kawangware. Twenty-seven CCP staff were taken through the Follow Up, discipleship 1 & discipleship 2 program to retrain them for the effectiveness and efficiency in their reach out to the community. Pallomeh Angaya, CCP's Staff informed the graduants on "A tree is known by its fruits" from the book of Luke 6:43-45. She stated that every tree bears fruit of its kind and one can only bear its fruit according to what it has. She further said that trees are pruned to make them bear more fruit and one is supposed to harvest mature fruits. Harvested mature fruits implied that discipleship helps one to mature to produce mature fruits. "Your character defines the type of tree you are. Some are thorny, expensive while others produce fruits not edible for human consumption", Pallomeh explained. Afterwards, Stella Mwangi, CCP"s Managing Director, emphasized that there was need for each staff to be retrained on the program for the spiritual empowerment and growth of the staff before making others disciples. Stella further stated that transformation begins with self before it is exhibited to another person hence the need to empower the staff. We need to grow deep and wide in Godís word to accomplish God's great commission of Mathew 28:19", Stella noted. Thereafter, the 27 grandaunts were awarded with certificates for completion. Follow up discipleship program involves Follow Up (the initial discipleship stage), Discipleship One and Discipleship Two. Each stage is to be covered within six weeks since each consists of six lessons. Follow up involves Affirmation, Salvation, Assurance of Salvation and Spiritual Disciplines being Prayer, Word and Church (Fellowship). Discipleship one involves Christlikeness (Upward, Inward, Outward), Walking in the Spirit, Growing in Obedience and Overcoming Sin. Six aspects of Discipleship two involve Priesthood of all Believers, Bringing people to God, Bringing God to People, Worship as a life style and Servant hood.
Searching for Bible verse
Confirming the scripture reading
Prayer of commissioning
Taking some notes
Receiving the certificate
Awarding some certificate
Follow-up Grandaunts
Discipleship 1 grandaunts
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