Exploring Adventure Therapy
Ten CCP camp counselors inclusive of Stella Mwangi, CCP Managing Director participated in a one day training held on March 29th, 2019, at Kenya Forest Services, Ng'ong Road, Karen Nairobi. The theme of the day "Exploring Adventure Therapy" is a powerful form of experiential therapy that inspires emotional healing. The training was organized by Lizzie Kiteto & Steve Kitoto, from African Christian Camping (ACC) in conjunction with Urbanite Camps. The training begun with some ice-breaker activities to help in bonding. A total of twenty-five persons represented several organizations including CCP, All Saints Cathedral, Tanari Trust, Wendo in Nakuru and Aberdare Cottages & Fishing Lodge among others. Lizet Gachanja, John Twofifty & Hesbon from Urbanite Camps took the team through a creative story whereby each one was expected to draw a picture according to the story told while blind-folded. Later on the team drew the same picture without the blind-folds to bring in the place of focus in goal setting. Finding your bearing was the next topic whereby someone was to describe themselves, achievements and goals set. "Our emotions may end up hurting other people if not taken into consideration. Our feelings comes from the thought process which leads to our action", John advised. Lizet said that how a person feels is deeper than their emotions therefore one needs to look slowly at the intention of the emotion. She further encouraged the team to have a change within so as to bring a change without. The excursion included co-operative activities that help participants learn to better trust and solve problems with their peers and guides. Thereafter, the team had a fun tine whereby they took a nature trail as they did a treasure hunt experience. It was a wonderful experience for the team to search for some emoji stickers through the forest. The activities are a therapeutic process and competent methodology linked to the adventure stimulus that causes positive effects to stimulate personal growth but not activities that change behavior. The team was served with a sumptuous meal after the long walk. Hesbon on the other hand advised the team that in a place of emotions they need to turn to the cross who is Jesus Christ.
Blanket game
Ice-breaker time
Treasure hunt
Team building activities
Lizet from Urbanite Camps
The team listening keenly
Blind Folding activity
Part of the team
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