Daring The Best: A visit to the Lenana School
On March 20, 2019, boys in grades five to eight had a chance to visit the Lenana School. We had sixty-four boys from CCP Academy and a grade six sponsored boy from one of the boarding schools within CCP's area of operation take part in the event. The sixty-five boys were accompanied by five male staff with a goal of motivating the boys to pursue academic excellence and envision themselves beyond high school. A national school with a total population of 1,649 students from all over the republic of Kenya, nineteen teaching subjects taught by a team of 85 teachers, five streams per class, a proven track record of excellence in academic performance and excellence in games and sports; Lenana School was just the perfect destination for an experience of holistic development of learners. In addition, a whole host of well-known and role model alumni on their list made Lenana School a real inspiration to the boys and it became an instant national school of preference. The boys were received by Mr. Kimani Njoroge, the Deputy Principal (Academics) and a team of four students in tenth grade. The students shared their stories including how they managed to join the school. Three of the students came from government elementary schools while the fourth one came from a private run elementary school. Again, two of the boys originate from the coastal region of Kenya, one from Nakuru County in the Rift Valley region of Kenya while the fourth one emanates from Mt. Elgon located in Bungoma County in the Western region of Kenya. They came in to Lenana School with scores ranging from 372 to 417 out of a possible 500 marks in their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination. The four students emphasized on the need for self-discipline, self-sacrifice, the fear of God, through revision, help from teachers, group discussion, strictness in time management among others as the bare minimums for success including academic excellence. Mr. Kimani Njoroge, the Deputy Principal (Academics) echoed the same with a detailed very organized structure of leadership and accountability that ensured that both students and their teachers did their bit in achieving the intended success with minimum supervision. In addition, he challenged the CCP boys to give their all and ensure that they became the best in Dagoretti sub-county to secure a place in such a school that enjoys good facilities that encourage exemplary performance in academics. Mr. Kimani took the boys for a tour feel of the Lenana School which also acts a Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) marking center for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination every last quarter of the year. The boys toured various places including the Protestant Students' Chapel, Art & Design and Music classrooms, the school swimming pool with names of school alumni engraved, Mandela House students' hostel, dining hall and kitchen. The boys enjoyed the experience and asked a lot of questions about almost everything that enhanced their understanding and experience of being at a national school. After the tour, the boys enjoyed lunch followed by group discussions in their specific grades in which each one of them shared their take homes from the experience trip, what challenged them most besides noting down specific action point they intended implement in an effort to enhance their academic performance. The group discussions were guided by the team of staff. This annual motivational trip is fully sponsored by CCP and intended to both challenge and inspire the sponsored children above grade five to pursue excellence in their academics and their general potential in spite of the seemingly limiting realities of their environments of origin as a way of breaking off from the possible cycle of poverty through positive attitude development and enhanced self-esteem.
Mr. Kimani Njoroge, the Deputy Principal welcoming the pupils
Learning more about the school
Observing how the Lenana boys do class studies
taking notes
Touring around the school
Viewing the Lenana swimming pool
Some boys with CCP Academy teacher
Snack time
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