Day But Best: A visit to the Kianda School
On March 8, 2019, girls in grades five to eight had a chance to visit the Kianda School. We had forty-seven girls from CCP Academy, two sponsored girls from one of the boarding schools within CCP's area of operation and one more sponsored eighth grader from an elementary day school in our neighborhood take part in the event. The fifty girls were accompanied by five female staff purposed to encourage the girls aim higher in their academics, benchmark and experience a different learning environment in an effort to envision them beyond high school. The girls were welcomed by Everlyne Khamati, the Vice Principal (Academics) and Trudy Mbaluku who facilitated our tour of the school. The girls went to the school Common Room for a talk on the high school admission criteria by Yvette Odero. Grace Waireri then gave a talk on effective study tips; she advised that each girl to get a designated time and place for study meaning that each of them should have a timetable that includes time for homework, rest, recreation and revision. In line with this, the girls should arrange their books and anything else that they may need to use in every session so as to avoid getting up repeatedly as it distracts the flow of thought besides wasting time. In addition, she differentiated revision from assignments; though assignments were part of revision, assignments are not the only component. She advised that revision every day should include the topics learnt on that day, research on answers they did not know on their assignments and do extra work. Thereafter, the girls were divided into groups and were shown around the school by Form Two students. They visited both the Primary and High school sections; the dining area, the swimming pool area, the classrooms, the science laboratories for Biology, Physics & Home Science and the playgrounds where they were introduced to hockey and they had the opportunity to play with the hockey sticks and ball. This inspired them to want to perform well and secure admission to schools that have such good facilities and Kianda School was the place to be despite being a day school. After the tour, the girls enjoyed lunch before winding up the day with group discussions per grade in which they shared what each learned, what challenged them most, what they enjoyed and how they will practically put into practice what they had learned as individuals for all round excellence. This annual motivational trip was fully sponsored by CCP with an intention to challenge and inspire the sponsored children above grade five to pursue excellence in their academics and their general potential in spite of the seemingly limiting realities of their environments of origin as a way of breaking off from the possible cycle of poverty through positive attitude development and enhanced self-esteem. Kianda School started in 1977 with 40 students, and now has a capacity for 900. It is a day school for girls with a Primary and Secondary section. The School has ranked among the top 10 schools in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination. The School fosters a close working relationship between parents, teachers and students with special courses on parenting to enrich this relationship. Kianda School offers Partial Scholarships to academically outstanding children whose parents cannot afford the school fees. Kianda School strives to produce hard working and responsible young ladies who try to achieve excellence in all fields of their development. Kianda School is an Opus Dei Catholic ran girls day school located in Westlands Sub-county of Nairobi County.
Some motivational talk from Kianda School Teachers
One of the Students asking a question
CCP Academy girls taking noting down some points
Word of encouragement from Kianda School Girls
CCP Academy Girls
A group photo
At the Hockey pitch
Learning to play Hockey
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