An Educative CCP'S Guardians Training
One hundred and twenty seven CCP guardians attended a bi-monthly training on March 2nd. 2019 at Maranatha Church, Kawangware. The aim of the training was to create awareness of the changes in the education Sector and how to adjust holistically. The training begun with praise and worship by CCP staff. Pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga, CCP's Children & Youth Coordinator shared the word of God on change from the Acts 19:18. Fredrick emphasized that taught that there must be a change in life after receiving Christ. In attendance was an invited guest Mr. Morris Ananda, Educational Officer from Jogoo House, Nairobi. Morris enlightened the guardians on National Educational Management Information System (NEMIS). NEMIS is an online registration legally managing automation education data and other related administrative functions to Students. The main objective of NEMIS is to help the Ministry of Education gather accurate and real-time information on learners and learning institutions. In addition Morris taught about Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) which is a new system of education in Kenya. CBC has already been introduced to the lower primary & pre-primary level which will face out the current 8-4-4 system in five years' time to all Primary schools. Morris encouraged the guardians to embrace the changes and support because it's better than the previous systems. He went ahead and explained what it entails from Pre-primary, primary, Secondary to Higher education level which is a 2-6-6-3 year long. In conclusion, CCP Sponsorship department issued the new curriculum books to the Pre-schoolers, 1st and 2nd graders.
Pastor Fredrick giving the word
Praise and worship time
Morris the education officer
Listening attentively
Guardian asking question
Benard CCP education coordinator and Morris education office
Jacqueline CCP Finance Director introducing the new CCP Academy teachers
Receiving the new curriculum text books
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