2019 Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPEs) meeting
The second ROPEs parents' meeting with the topic of the day being "Anger Management" took place on Saturday February 23rd 2019 at St. Luke ACK Church, Gatina. Geoffrey, CCP ROPEs Counselor encouraged the parents in the book of Nehemiah 1. Geoffrey advised them on the importance of prayer and fasting as they stand in the gap for their children just like Nehemiah did for his people. During the devotion the Ropers were present and they did outlined some of the challenges they encounter like: peer pressure, slowness, addicted to watching television and time management among others. The parents were also given an opportunity to give a word of encouragement to their children even as they disregard some of the habits the preteens do. Afterwards, Fredrick Mmbwanga, CCP's Children & Youth Coordinator taught on "Anger Management". Fred mentioned some of the symptoms of anger which are negative thinking, arguments, anti-social, being abusive and negative thinking amongst. Thereafter, Fred identified some ways on how to manage anger; Exercise, identify the solution to the problem, take time out to relax and self-care and self-control. In conclusion, the parents signed the ROPEs commitment and consent forms for their teenagers. CCP provided fund raising forms to help the parents raise funds to towards the ROPEs camp in November. ROPEs program targets eighth grade students that are transitioning from childhood to responsible adults in the society. The yearlong program takes parents through six lessons and thirty two for teenagers culminating for a camp experience in November 2019.
Some of the ROPEs Students
Worship time
At the Ropes meeting
One of the parent giving her views
A word of Counsel from Pastor Fred to the Parents and Pre-teens
Some advise from Mable, CCP's Medical Coordinator
listening keenly
Taking notes
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