First 2019 Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPES) meeting
Twenty-three parents attended the first 2019 Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPEs) meeting held on January 26th, 2019 at the ACK, St. Luke, Kawangware. This was an introductory meeting to enable the parents understand the benefits of the ROPEs program in the life of their teenagers. Fredrick Mmbwanga, CCP's Youth & Children Coordinator shared from Acts 4:11-13 advising the guardians that in God there is no waste. Fred referring to Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone that was rejected. "Every stone is precious in constructing a building. We have to take the small pieces in the life of our children & put them together to complete a building". Fred advised. Horace Omondi & Evans Simiyu, CCP Academy teachers advised the parents to encourage the grade 8 in their studies and help them in time management. The teachers gave the way forward to help improve their academic performance as they prepare for the national examination towards the end of October. Thereafter, Benard Okoth, CCP's Educational Coordinator & ROPEs Counselor, defined ROPES as a program that helps teenagers transition from childhood to adulthood. Benard noted that ROPES is a communal program hence the need for parents to cooperate with CCP in transforming their teenagers. Rites are rituals that facilitate transitions from one stage to another within a Community, Benard noted. He further stated that ROPES does not only entail the spiritual development of teenagers but even social, physical and psychological development too. "It is holistic in nature", Benard remarked. From a screen, he showed them some of the activities that take place in the ROPEs program through photos; he explained to them some of the positive results of the ROPEs program: like education performance, character formation & spiritual growth where by many of our children had joined National high schools, and county schools, as well as universities. In the meeting, ROPEs Alumni, Kefah Kariuki (an Information Technology (IT) student at Kabete Technical College) shared his testimony. Kefah said that the program has helped him grow spiritually and be a responsible young adult. At the moment he is giving back in the CCP spiritual department. Also, a parent of a sponsored child, Lynne Mideva shared a testimony of how the program have helped her daughter be a mature responsible girl. Meanwhile, Mable Umali, CCP's Sponsorship and Medical Coordinator encouraged the parents to speak a language their teenagers understand. The parents were given a chance to suggest some of the topics they would like to be trained such as: anger management, personal hygiene, time management, parental responsibility among others. Afterwards, Faith Wayua, ROPEs Counselor educated parents on the purpose of the parents' training. She explained that ROPEs is a program in CCP focused on eighth grade students. The program aims at preparing the children for their final National examination which will commence at the end of October, prepare them for high school life and above all, transitioning from childhood to become responsible adults who are God fearing. The parents were informed the cost of the ROPES which included a camp at the end of the year. Stella Mwangi, CCP's Managing Director advised the parents on the need for parental responsibility and their personal commitment as parents to ensure that the children do what is necessary. She informed the parents that ROPEs help the children in character formation, academic performance and spiritual nourishment."See your children as a treasure/ gift from the Lord. Because there is a reason why they are under your custody", Stella remarked. ROPEs program targets eighth grade students that are transitioning from childhood to responsible adults in the society. The yearlong program takes parents through six lessons and thirty two for teenagers culminating for a camp experience in November 2019.
At registration desk
Prayer time
A Guardian giving testimony on ROPES Programm
Kefah a sponsored child giving an experience on ROPES programme
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Stella engaging the guardians in a conversation
Teachings about ROPES
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