Program for Pastoral Instruction (PPI) Begins at CCP Academy
We commenced our Program for Pastoral Instruction (PPI) at CCP Academy for all class three through eight students. CCP staff and instructors teach the students more in-depth knowledge about God's Word with the PPI handbooks. Each week at CCP Academy has a theme for the teachers and students to focus on throughout the week and then to reflect back on Friday morning during school assembly. After this time they sing praise and worship songs in their respective classes. Following this, they read God's Word and discuss with the teacher and their fellow pupils about what they've just learned and how it can apply to their lives. Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it." With evangelism, discipleship, and empowerment as three of our core values as an organization, PPI upholds those main goals, and by the outward spiritual growth of our students, we know it is effective.
Students diligently taking notes on Teacher Simiyu's message.
Friday morning chapel assembly with Teacher Simiyu Evans reflecting over the week's theme "Be Divergent"
Following along with the Bible reading.
Teacher Irene laughs with class three about a joke a student made.
Teacher Mable going over the days of creation with Class 7 pupils.
Teacher Palomah took class 4 students outside to better describe and explain creation to her young learners.
Teacher Irene N. quizzes class 6 about the lesson, and with the prize of candy, all hands were raised!
Even the busy class 8 candidates take the time to dive into God's Word...the most important studying to do!
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